See below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from our moving customers.

How do I get started?

The first step is to arrange for a free, in-house estimate with one of our estimators. We recommend that you set up your appointment at least 30 days before your planned move date. You want to have time to review your estimate as well as secure the dates you need. Moves are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates that were available yesterday – may not be available next week.

How do you charge for your moving and packing services?

Local moves are charged based on labor hours and packing; long distance moves are based on weight and miles. Packing options are “full pack”, “breakable pack” and then “customer pack – per box cost”

Can I get a guaranteed price?

Our estimates are plus/minus 10% – based on you committing to preparing what you needed to and our providing you JUST the services you requested at the time of the estimate. If the scope of the move changes…then so does the cost.  

We can provide a binding quote or standard quote. 

Is this really a guarantee or are there hidden charges?

It really is a guarantee, however there are things that can change the guaranteed price. Obviously, if you elect to add items to your shipment or add additional services over and above what you had shown the estimator, this can increase the cost. To make an example, if you told the estimator you planned to pack everything but then changed your mind and decided to have us pack your kitchen, you are adding a packing service, thus increasing the price. You’ll need to let us know of the change whereupon we will amend the guaranteed price to include this additional packing. The other possible change is called shuttle service. The bulk of our long distance moves are handled on large tractor-trailers. While we’re able to see your residence at origin at the time of the estimate we can’t see the new one at destination. Our guaranteed price assumes that our long distance tractor-trailer will be able to access your new address. In instances where we can’t, we must off load the shipment onto a smaller truck that is able to access the address; this additional service is called shuttle service. Typical examples of where access would be limited are low hanging trees blocking street entry, steep road inclines, building or condominium restrictions on truck sizes, low entrance archways into residential communities or local government restrictions to busy downtown areas.If we know this in advance we can quote it, but sometimes we don’t find out until we arrive at destination.

Can I pack myself?

Yes you can and at the time of your estimate; we will provide you with the # boxes and the size boxes you need to pack up your home. You can purchase boxes from us, or you can purchase boxes from another source.  

What’s a shuttle?

When an address is not accessible with the long distance tractor-trailer, items must be loaded onto a smaller truck that can access the address. This extra handling is called shuttle service and carries an additional charge. Typical examples of where access would be limited are low hanging trees blocking street entry, steep road inclines, building or condominium restrictions on truck sizes, low entrance archways into residential communities or local government restrictions to busy downtown areas.

Do you provide full replacement coverage of my belongings while in your care?

Full Value Protection valuation coverage is available for your move whether it’s local, long distance or international.

How do I pay for the move? When do I pay?

We require a $500 deposit upon booking your move. On local moves, the balance is charged to that same credit card upon completion of your move. Long distance moves, the balance is charged a business day prior to delivery. If it is your company that is paying for your move, or you company moving…you’ll just need to provide us with that information so we can bill directly. 

If my employer is paying for the move will you invoice them?

Yes; however, the billing arrangements must be made before delivery. Typically we require a letter from your company authorizing that they will pay for your move or a purchase order stating such.

What do I do if I discover something is damaged?

First, if you notice it at the time of delivery, note it on our paperwork. If you discover it after we’ve left, contact us. In either case, keep the item(s), don’t get rid of them. You will have to file a claim which you often can do online or we can send you the claim form. We’ll ask you to describe the piece, the nature of the damage, a photo of the damage, and the amount you’re claiming. We’ll take it from there.

How do you protect my furniture while in transit?

Furniture is wrapped in soft, thick furniture pads before it is loaded. Upholstery is covered with plastic covers before being pad-wrapped. Our trucks and trailers come equipped with clean furniture pads, rubber four-wheel dollies, appliance hand trucks and sufficient logistic straps which are used to secure the load while in transit. crews are trained on the proper manner to pad-wrap furniture along with the correct way to load the shipment onto the van.

I’ve heard scary stories about moving companies doubling or even tripling their estimated price and refusing to unload until they were paid, how do I avoid that happening to me?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires moving companies to clearly show the charges for their services on such estimates and are restricted from arbitrarily charging over these stated charges. Unfortunately, there are companies that provide attractive price quotes over the phone or the internet, only to dramatically increase the cost once your things are on board their truck.

Prevent this by hiring a moving company registered with the DOT and check their Better Business Bureau rating. Do not hire a broker. Ask for payment requirements prior to booking your move.

The condominium I live in has asked that the mover supply a certificate of Insurance showing them as additionally insured on the Certificate. Do you do that?

Yes we are fully insured and can provide a certificate of insurance to your building, based on their requirements.  

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