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Tips For A Smoother Move

We are committed to providing you with a good moving experience. Preparation is the key to a smooth move. Please review the items below to ensure that we are all fully prepared for your move. 

  1. Packing: If you are completing all or part of your packing (in lieu of Kaster packing crew) make sure that you complete all of the packing that you committed to and you use sturdy boxes and/or plastic bins (we will not move any items that are in a plastic bag as we are unable to stack them in the truck properly) Your coordinator will be asking you for a box count prior to your move and will compare it to the estimate; to be sure that realistically you will be able to complete your packing on time
  2. Labeling: Label one side of each box. Include the room that the items will be going into (or coming from) and the contents. Stack the boxes (label facing out) around the perimeter of each room so the crew has space to maneuver
  3. Updates/Changes: Please communicate with your coordinator, any changes that may have occurred, since our initial visit to your home. Such as, you sold furniture, you purchased more furniture, your driveway was just repaved, construction project at new home, etc
  4. Purge: Consider purging items that you have not used as to avoid moving things you don’t need. Kaster does not handle debris/trash removal or junk removal. Items you are disposing of, ideally should be done prior to your move date. If you need help, call your coordinator to discuss
  5. Important personal items: Plan to take with you jewelry, medications, car keys, check book, passports/ids, etc. Please be sure to also take with you any keys that belong to furniture items such as the keys to the grandfather clock, to china cabinets, to file cabinets, etc
  6. Furniture:  Be sure all furniture/file cabinets are empty prior to Kaster’s arrival.  If not, it will need to be emptied prior to our moving it. Additional costs/time may be incurred in order to have the packing completed by our crew. In addition, if there are any pieces of furniture that require special attention/servicing, that you did not discuss when we were at your home for the initial estimate, please let your coordinator know. NOT APPLICABLE WITH A FULL PACK
  7. Press board & Liability: Simulated wood products have poor structural integrity which does not lend itself to moving or repair.  We will move these items carefully, but will not assume responsibility for damage and these pieces are excluded from all moving insurance coverage. We suggest you disassemble these items to the original state you bought them in prior to our moving them
  8. Electronics & Liability: All electronics should be turned off, disconnected from each other and unplugged. TV’s should be taken off the mounting so the crew can pack them. When packing your own electronics, it is best to use the manufacturers packaging, if available.   Because the mechanical condition of electronics, exercise equipment, and appliances is unknown; we will only assume responsibility for items which have visible damage caused by our crew
  9. Gas-Powered Items: Please be sure all gas-powered items are drained and dried out to avoid any fire
  10. Move day: When the crew arrives at your home, they will have a set plan to efficiently perform the services as outlined in your estimate. If you think you might require any additional services that you may not have discussed while we were at your home for the initial estimate, please call your coordinator
  11. Plan for Delivery: Be sure your new home is empty and void of any obstructions. This will make it easier for the crews to maneuver. Prepare in advance where you want your furniture placed in your new home. This will make the delivery process much smoother and will help you to provide adequate instruction to the moving crew
  12. Final Walkthrough: It is extremely important you complete the final walkthrough at origin and destination with your crew chief to avoid leaving anything behind at origin or not placed correctly at destination

To help make your move as easy and enjoyable as possible, Kaster Moving offers the following tips. We urge you to check out our video center which is full of helpful videos on planning, packing, and much more.

  • Do The Following:
  • Pack & transport your own jewelry, photos, important documents and medications
  • Label your boxes with new room, contents and notes, such as “fragile” or “heavy”
  • Arrange for final billing/disconnection of utilities and telephone services
  • Notify newspaper, lawn service, and other professional services of termination/move dates
  • Notify the post office and all credit cards, banks, insurance companies of your new address
  • Arrange for medical and educational records to be forwarded to your new location
  • Don't Do The Following:
  • Cancel your telephone service until you’re in your new location
  • Try to lift or move heavy items during packing – Kaster Moving will take care of that
  • Pack aerosols, toxic materials or flammables in any boxes
  • Disassemble or disconnect light fixtures – Kaster Moving can provide this service
  • Worry about anything related to your move – you’re in good hands with Kaster Moving

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If you have any questions, we encourage you to visit our FAQs page where we provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. Additionally, you can also contact Kaster Moving via email or phone.

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